Surrogacy parents willing to speak to the media

Ways willing to share experience

Value Percent   Count
Speak to the media / press in your country / language 100.0%
Meet / speak with local prospective parents in your region 96.1%
Speak at a surrogacy workshop / seminar (like MHB) in your city 88.7%
Participate in relevant academic research 84.8%
  Totals 433
Total Responses 433

Topics interested to speak about

Value Percent   Count
Relationship issues (surrogate, donor, couple, etc.) 74.3%
Birth / hospital experience 68.9%
Choosing / working with an Agency 67.2%
Choosing / working with a clinic 58.2%
Financial, insurance and affordability issues 45.2%
Egg donation (known-anonymous, how to choose, etc.) 42.7%
Ethical considerations 40.1%
Legal issues 39.3%
Psychological issues /concerns 38.4%
Speaking to surrogacy children about their families 37.9%
Considerations for international parents 37.3%
Medical issues 31.1%
Traditional or independent surrogacy 16.1%
Single fatherhood 16.1%
Other 7.9%
  Totals 354
Total Responses 354
Responses "Other" Count
Left Blank 405
Discuss Surrogacy options in India 1
Experiencia persona, 1
Gay parenting 1
General 1
Home insemination 1
I also worked for this Dr as a ART coordinator 1
I'm open to discuss any issues 1
India- Rich is the one who is best to speak with 1
Integrating your surrogate/donor into your child's life 1
LGBT Surrogacy 1
Managing Journey without an Agency or Consultant 1
Most anything, want to help 1
No specific topic. 1
Our experience in Mexico and any information that can benefit IP's having a smooth process. 1
Relations Presse, Lobying 1
Same Sex Surrogacy 1
Single mothorhood 1
Supporting IPS the their journey 1
Surrogacy in India 1
Working without an Agency 1
general experience 2
lobbying political parties 1
being hindu and having a child and religious background and the difficulties i faced in the community 1
Not to be afraid! Most people we have already spoken to are afraid of the unknown or of the carrier. Our surrogate was so cute she would keep calling and say," Please don't change your mind, I do not want any more children". lol Love is the basis for all of this need. 1
איך להזהר מניצול של תמימות הזוגות ע\"י סוכנויות ישראליות חמדניות 1
Mature parenting: I was 50 when our daughters were born; most of the gay parents in our community were much younger. 1
תהליך הכנה ללידה ולנסיעה 1

Demographics / family makeup

Gay / straight

Value Percent  
LGBT 85.4%
Straight 14.6%
Total Responses 425

Couple / single

Value Percent  
Single parent 11.9%
Couple 88.1%
Total Responses 430

Languages spoken

Value Percent   Count
English 93.9%
Spanish 25.5%
French 18.7%
Hebrew 14.7%
Other 10.2%
German 9.7%
Chinese 6.2%
Italian 6.2%
Portuguese 4.3%
Dutch /Flemish 3.3%
Arabic 1.4%
Korean 0.5%
Japanese 0.2%
  Totals 423
Total Responses 423
Responses "Other" Count
Left Blank 390
ASL (American Sign Language) 1
Afrikaans 1
Bulgarian 1
Catalan 2
Czech 1
Danish 1
Farsi 1
Greek 1
Hinda and Punjabi (conversational) 1
Hindi/thai 1
Luxembourgeois 1
Norweagian 1
Norwegian 2
Persian/Farsi 1
Russian 3
Russian & ASL 1
Sign Language 1
Swedish 4
Swiss German 1
Tagalog 2
Tagalog (Filipino) 1
Tagolog (Philipino) 1
Tao Chew 1
Urdu 1
Vietnamese 3
Yiddish, working knowledge of Greek and Dutch 1
gujarati 1
gujarati and hindi 1
romanian 1
some HIndi/Urdu 1
tagalog, ilocano 1
רוסית 1


Value Percent  
USA 47.6%
Israel 8.3%
United States 5.1%
France 3.9%
Spain 3.7%
United Kingdom 3.0%
Australia 3.0%
España 2.8%
UK 2.1%
ישראל 1.9%
Germany 1.4%
China 1.2%
Argentina 1.2%
Netherlands 0.9%
Sweden 0.9%
Switzerland 0.9%
Canada 0.9%
Brazil 0.9%
Belgium 0.9%
usa 0.7%
Usa 0.7%
Mexico 0.5%
Norway 0.5%
US 0.2%
The Netherlands 0.2%
U.S.A 0.2%
france 0.2%
luxembourg 0.2%
ארקנסו 0.2%
germany 0.2%
españa 0.2%
denmark 0.2%
United States of America 0.2%
Panama 0.2%
Italy 0.2%
Luxembourg 0.2%
México 0.2%
Ireland 0.2%
Hong Kong 0.2%
Austria 0.2%
Colombia 0.2%
Costa Rica 0.2%
Nederland 0.2%
Norge 0.2%
SPAIN 0.2%
Saudi Arabia 0.2%
Riverside County 0.2%
Portugal 0.2%
Noruega 0.2%
29440 0.2%
Scotland 0.2%
Total Responses 433
Average 29,440.0

State (if USA or Canada)

Value Percent   Count
NY 22.7%
CA 10.9%
IL 6.5%
NJ 5.3%
MA 4.9%
TX 4.5%
WA 4.1%
FL 2.8%
CT 2.0%
VA 2.0%
NH 1.6%
MD 1.6%
DC 1.6%
ON 1.2%
California 0.8%
MN 0.8%
Ny 0.8%
OR 0.8%
OH 0.8%
PA 0.8%
Barcelona 0.8%
MI 0.8%
ny 0.8%
GA 0.8%
HI 0.8%
nvVegasNv 0.4%
SE 0.4%
SP 0.4%
TN 0.4%
Victoria 0.4%
SC 0.4%
RI 0.4%
tx 0.4%
ok 0.4%
east flanders 0.4%
ישראל 0.4%
Va 0.4%
Valencia 0.4%
vic 0.4%
fl 0.4%
il 0.4%
UT 0.4%
ארה״ב 0.4%
Wa 0.4%
Texas 0.4%
eeuu 0.4%
NY - New York 0.4%
Illinois 0.4%
Herts 0.4%
In 0.4%
Israel 0.4%
KS 0.4%
Fl 0.4%
DF 0.4%
Buckinghamshire 0.4%
Ca 0.4%
Ciudad de Mexico 0.4%
Connecticut 0.4%
LA 0.4%
London 0.4%
Not Applicable 0.4%
New York 0.4%
Nv 0.4%
OK 0.4%
Ontario 0.4%
AZ 0.4%
NE 0.4%
MO 0.4%
MS 0.4%
Maryland 0.4%
NC 0.4%
Oregon 0.4%
  Totals 247
Total Responses 247

Number of children per family

Value Percent   Count
One 54.6%
Two 36.9%
Three 6.2%
Four 1.9%
Five or more 0.5%
  Totals 423
Total Responses 423
Average 1.6

Plans for more children in the future

Value Percent   Count
Possibly - through surrogacy 63.6%
Possibly - through adoption / foster care 4.0%
Possibly - through co-parenting 0.5%
Not likely 32.0%
  Totals 428
Total Responses 428

Surrogacy services

Services used in their surrogacy journey

Value Percent   Count
Surrogacy (and possibly egg donation) agency 90.5%
Fertility clinic (and possibly egg donation) 91.9%
Independent egg donation agency (outside your clinic or surrogacy agency) 19.2%
Legal services (outside a surrogacy agency) 66.4%
Escrow / fund management (outside a surrogacy agency) 31.3%
Psychologist / social worker 35.4%
Surrogacy consultant 10.2%
Other 2.1%
  Totals 432
Total Responses 432

Surrogacy type

Value Percent   Count
Gestational surrogacy (surrogate and egg donor) 93.0%
Traditional surrogacy 7.0%
  Totals 428
Total Responses 428

Surrogacy agency used

Value Percent   Count
Other 17.9%
Circle Surrogacy 13.3%
Family Source Consultants 9.1%
Worldwide Surrogacy 7.5%
Simple Surrogacy 6.7%
Northwest Surrogacy Center 5.3%
Creative Family Connections 5.1%
Tammuz Family (Non-USA) 4.5%
All Families Surrogacy 3.2%
Same Love Surrogacy 2.9%
Reproductive Possibilities 2.7%
ARTParenting 2.4%
IARC 2.4%
Growing Generations 2.4%
Fertility Miracles 2.1%
Extraordinary Conceptions 1.9%
Surrogate Alternatives (SAI) 1.6%
Canadian Fertility Consulting 1.3%
CSP 1.3%
Lotus Surrogacy (Non-USA) 1.1%
Surro Connections 0.8%
The Surrogacy Source 0.8%
Conceiveabilities 0.8%
Golden Surrogacy 0.8%
Open Arms Consultants 0.5%
Canadian Surrogacy Options 0.5%
Alternative Reproductive Resources (ARR) 0.5%
The Surrogacy Center 0.3%
Tammuz Family (USA) 0.3%
  Totals 375
Total Responses 375

Fertility clinic used

Value Percent   Count
Other 19.4%
CT Fertility 18.4%
ORM 8.9%
San Diego Fertility Center (SDFC) 7.1%
Fertility Center of IL (FCI) 6.1%
Pacific Fertility Center - Los Angeles (PFCLA) 5.9%
Fertility Center of Las Vegas 5.6%
CA Fertility Partners 3.1%
VA Center for Reproductive Medicine 2.3%
La Jolla IVF 2.0%
Fort Worth Fertility 2.0%
RMA CT 2.0%
New England Fertility 1.8%
Fertility Specialists of Texas / LGBT Fertility 1.8%
HRC Fertility 1.5%
Western Fertility Institute 1.3%
aParent IVF 1.3%
Shady Grove 1.3%
RMA NJ (also IVF NJ) 1.0%
HRC Rancho 1.0%
CReATe Fertility Centre 1.0%
Fertility & Surgical Associates of California 1.0%
Center for Assisted Reproduction (CARE Fertility) 0.8%
Dr. Pai - India 0.8%
Markham 0.5%
Boston IVF 0.5%
ReproMed 0.5%
Oregon Health & Science U. (OHSU) 0.5%
Los Angeles Reproductive Center 0.3%
Pacific Fertility Center - San Francisco 0.3%
  Totals 392
Total Responses 392

General feedback

Comments, suggestions or requests

Being a part of MHB helped to make our journey possible. Thank you for what you do!
Certaines questions de ce questionnaire ne sont pas traduites en français.
Congratulations on an excellent survey which set correctly. Well done
I cant share pics from my iPhone . Of you tell me an email addres i could send some pics.
I was not able to upload the pictures due to size issues. I send them via email
I would not have known about ORM if it wasn't for the MHB conference, thank you!
Important work you are doing! keep it up
It would be great to have a local network of similar families
Keep on the amazing job we truly love all of you < 3
Keep up the good work and we are looking to expand our network of gay parents.
MHB is such a great organization and we're so glad we were able to be part of this process.
Many thanks MHB for being out there for gay families to be!
Men Having Babies is a wonderful organization that helped make our family possible. Thank you!
My partner and I would be happy to help in any way we can.
Please help us to change the bad law in France !
Thank you MHB and GPAP !
Thank you Victoria Fererra and WWS!
Thank you our dear sweet angel !!!
Thank you for a wonderful experience!
Thank you for the amazing work you do at MHB.
Thanks so much for doing such an amazing job.
The Men Having Babies meetings at the Center were very helpful to us. Big thank you!
We are already in contact with the facebook group 'swissgaydads'
We are delighted to be also 12 weeks along with twins and are using IARC and Markham again!!
We are members of the Popluck Club, which has been a wonderful resource for our family :)
We wll send you a pictures with names in a few days.
We´re willing to help in English and Spanish! We do TV! Use us! :-)
Would like some gay support networks for gay / lesbian parents with kids in London
good site!
tener un hijo es el mayor don que la vida nos puede dar.
thank you!
thanks to MHB for the support during the journey
We are forming a gay/straight alliance for dutch intended parents (and parents) who want/have babies with the help of a surrogae.
I know this is a tough review for RMACT as one of Men Having Babies biggest sponsors. That said, our review is 100% factual and I have documentation to provide in case there's any questions. We also know that many other agencies (clinics, legal, etc) feel the same way about our experience with RMACT so we find it's important to share. I am happy to act as a reference for anyone interested in / thinking about using RMACT.
We will move from NYC to London in 6 weeks. If you ever need help in London please contact us. MHB has been extremely helpful for us and we would love to help if we can.
Por favor saquen la palabra madre de todas las preguntas que la tiene. La gestante no es madre y la educación a la gente empieza desde nosotros. Usar gestante o subrogada es lo correcto.
I was a little afraid about starting this journey,
but now - I could not imagine my life without taking this step. It is like blind faith. You just need to take the first step and everything else will work out.
Keep up the good work. If anything more tax advice would be great, since the IRS has been reluctant to release definitive guidance.
We have twin boys turning one in Nov 2018. We also are expecting twin girls in Dec 2018. We are batting 1000; four transfers resulted in four pregnancies. We're older and wanted to do this 20 years ago. We are so grateful for this organization that put us in touch with folks who helped us successfully grow a family.
Our precious family has had two producers contact us about doing a film on our family. One about being Gay, Two about our adopted two older boys, and Three about our Twins we used a surrogate for. People are always commenting us about our family. Yes we are quite unique but the main thing is we are HAPPY. We have all the same problems of the world. One in sports, one not doing well in school. Twins in Pre-K three days a week and into everything when home. We think we are quite boring BUT others seem to think differently. Bottom line: I may not have given natural birth to the twins, but they are do doubt mine! I'm stay at home dad and they insisted they have a mom as well so the twins decided on their own and they are 4. my name was Momma/Dad. With all the hugs and kisses, cuddling early in the morning before going to school, watching cartoons together, seeing them get so excited when I surprise them with little gifts from the dollar store. Believe me, if one can see our babies in our home. All those against same sex marriage, and political views would be embarrassed. Personal View, Simple Surrogacy was the best company.
The girls share both my DNA and Vernons DNA. One of the girls have my DNA and the other has Vernons DNA but they share the same egg donors DNA which makes them biological sisters. We have no desire to determine who has who DNA.
You all are amazing. I hope one day to be able to help you all out since you have done so much for us.
I salute MHB -- had I not gone to that conference in 2012, I don't know if I would be a dad today.
We have had three journeys resulting in 2 angel children, 1 healthy boy (22 months old) and one miscarriage.
We worked with multiple agencies, legal groups and the Donor Concierge. I strongly recommend the Donor Concierge.
I am also passionate about speaking and educating those that might be interested in surrogacy to complete their families.
Nous serions très heureux de venir partager notre expérience.
Nous avons eu un parcours de réussite totale en 12 mois avec le' succes de Jumeaux en très bonne santé
just want to add that you guys are what got me started and helped me with my successful journey thanks!
It is an amazing experience and I'm so fortunate I live at a time that a single, gay man can become a single dad through the help and support of the Surrogacy Agency and Fertility Clinc that I used. My dream came true, I'm a dad!
מדובר בחוויה עצומה , אני בקשר מדהים עם הפונדקאית ומשפחתה , מדובר במסע ארוך אבל שווה כל רגע. חברת תמוז מצוינת ומומלצת
I never thought id ever say and or ask this, but, how might we apply for "assistance?" We do not want to give up, but our journey has financial depleted us.
Trabajo profesionalmente como Case Manager en Gestación Subrogada para diferentes agencias de USA, Ucrania, Chipre y República Checa y clínicas de reproducción asistida de España y Argentina,.
i would love to share my story, my story is pretty unique as i had to go through a lot with the family and Indian community to be accepted having a kid alone, it was a long hard costly journey but i am happy i got there in the end
The network is a wonderful idea and reviews and ratings can be extremely helpful for future parents.
Would love to help you guys in any way we can. We have a large group of friends that are parents through surrogacy. The most often misconception that we hear is that 'surrogacy is too expensive' or 'we can't afford surrogacy' or 'are there surrogates who will work with gay people?'. we want to help spread the word that all our families are important and no matter how you choose to create your family, it's the best decision you will ever make (and that's saying something from a father of 19 mo old triplets). Thank you for your organization and i look forward to helping you where i can.
JR McGinnis
SVP Sony Pictures Entertainment
We had two cycles, changed our clinic and egg donor, then two more cycles, lots of embryo testing, GC issues. Complicated experience willing to share. Fantastic ongoing relationship with our Gestational carrier. States involved - VA, NC, CA, IA, WDC.
I am unable to upload pictures at this time but I can once I'm at my PC.
I can make additional comment later in other sections once I'm at my PC as well.
For us, living in Brazil, your website were essential for us considering following the surrogacy path due the lack of information and prohibitions here in our country. Thank you!
We were extremely disappointed with MHB to be honest. We attend a couple of seminars and especially the one about financial assistance/advice had an instructor to whom we actually gave suggestions on how would be parents can defray costs. Also, your financial assistance program seems to only be there to help low income families. We were deemed to be 'too well off' and yet we have had to take out loans of $150K to do this. What sort of message are you sending here? That you will only help people who can barely afford to support a family after their children are born? We are very disappointed with your program and believe it needs to be revisited.
I offer to be embassor of MHB here in argentina, we dont have any organization like this. I often talk with bj and with ron. They know me. I would be happy to help others, in fact i have a facebook page called "familias argentinas por subrogacion" where i give advices and guide to all gay and hetero who wants to start they surrogacy journey here in buenos aires. I have a group of gay families as friends who already have babies too. And we count with maria rachid and flavia mascenzio who are the president of falgbt argentina organization and they gives us all advices for the legal treatment in buenos aires. I also know all agencies and have good talk with their doctors.
Your organization was critical to us in our research and ultimate decision of who to use on our journey.... thank you so very much, we would not be here today with our little joy without your assistance!
We have found that once you have your kids and your family is up and running, you tend to leave the surrogacy world behind as you become more involved in the activities of your children's lives. Both of our children know and visit with their surrogates and their egg donor, who lives in our town. That has been an interesting and evolving relationship we never expected. We asked each surrogate to be a godmother to the child they carried, which has given both our kids a continued sense of connection to the women who carried them, even though they don't live close. This has been a good thing for our kids, though I realize it would not work for everyone.
He participado en reportajes de tv, prensa escrita (nacional y internacional) y hemos recomendado a mucha gente Circle y Cf
Thanks Men Having Babies for your outstanding surveys online: they helped us choose the right agency + IVF Clinic ! Congratulations & thanks for your Brussels events every year. Continue ! Lobby more in Europe & elsewhere for the GPA. We shall show our forces to the world with the help of the Press. Our surrogacy journey was broadcasted by M6 - Zone Interdite as well as TEVA for France, and by RTL for Luxembourg. We are part of ADFH Luxembourg.
Personally we believe that the right match with a surrogate agency like Circle is very much a personal choice that is based on meeting people, asking e right questions and finding the best match for you and your personal situation. There are always hiccups on the way rough this process for a million different reasons. With Circle we were able to address and overcome these in a really easy way.
I have attended seminars and the idealistic picture you paint is not fair. There is basically no one who has the perfect surrogacy journey you have on the podium. There are issues with finances and hidden costs, lack of communication, failed attempts and the responses by the agency, insurance issues and costs, and many legal issues. To make a good and balanced presentation these should be addressed in detail. Prospective parents should know the 'real' journey is both good and wonderful, but also filled with many bumps, setbacks and potential disappointments.
We want to thank Men Having Babies for making our dream of having children come true! We literally would not have been able to do it without them. We don't have enough words to say thank you, but we are forever grateful!!
It was a wonderful experience. Meryl Rosenberg was perfect. We will be forever grateful to her for all of her advice and encouragement.
How do I review providers who I tried to work with and who were impossible to work with? It seems to me that if someone is not SO great, and you work with them, they get reviewed, but if they are so appalling that you go elsewhere, this is not reflected anywhere.
Sin duda, la paternidad es el mejor viaje que hemos realizado en nuestras vidas. A pesar de los malos momentos, todo se olvida una vez el bebé esta a nuestro lado.
MHB has been instrumental and central to our surrogacy journey. We started out by attending the seminar in SF in Jan 2017 and, even with prior research pertaining to surrogacy, we were so overwhelmed with the amount of information we gained from the seminar. Nevertheless, the information gained from attending was crucial to our success in our journey and we would like to give back by getting involved with the organization, starting with sharing our personal story to others who are beginning their journey.
Men Having Babies was absolutely invaluable during this process. Can't thank you enough for doing what you do. We went to monthly meetings, we went to the seminar, we used your web site. You guys rock! Note that it seems to me that women who can't have kids and are going thru the surrogacy process don't seem to have an organization like MHB to support them, and from what I hear, the journey is often lonely and painful. I'm sure you don't have much free time, but perhaps there's a way to reach out to some interested women and help them start an organization to help out these ladies? Again, thank you MHB!!!
Having children was once considered a "sacrifice" of our "choice'' to accept who we were as a Gay men. The day we accepted ourselves was the day we buried our own hope of children. Today my miracle is our ability to look into my own children's eyes with the wonderment of their very existence. Science and and a "will" to succeed with the ability to think bigger has resulted in our miracle. Our family. Gay men CAN and SHOULD have families of their own. Given the commitment to succeed and the challenges to overcome how can our children NOT benefit from our desire to simply love? We have been tested beyond all boundaries and found a way to earn the title of "Daddy".
I love my son more than anything and am incredibly happy that I have him but I endured an absolutely horrible process to have him that was completely avoidable.
When I started researching on surrogacy I realized that there is very few (none) information for intended parents to do surrogacy in the USA - I believe this is a big area of opportunity.
Thank you to Men Having Babies for the helpful guidance you provided which gave us the confidence to become parents.
We had a friend, a Clinical Legal Nurse COnsultant, and holds a Masters in Forensic Nursing. She did a review of our file, and, based on statistics her size, gestation and wt at birth placed her at less than 1% chance of loss of life,
But, there is that 1%.
She found Sarahs cause of death to be unnecessary Cesarian section secondary to birth mother desire to re-impregnate, she had one secondary: infection control by staff members (we never saw them put on gloves or. Her death was totally avoidable... and as we learned, this is typical, with this agency,
He specifically advertises to the GLBT community, and even says, in articles that he is interviewed in (yet no one knows who the writer is) he claims to have invented ICSI, First "test tube vavy" 6000 happy families.
Also,middle class, livies in a house (rare) my 26 yo pretty, alive, bubbly mom of two, stay at home wife. she must have been ment for the person next, when I met my surrogate, in person, she was 46 (per her chart) but after meeting her 9 children, she was more like 46, lived in a slum- it was made out of stollen fabric, and she had no plumbing or electricity, no prenatal bare and when she did get water,I approuched and found 3 people going to the bathroom in the water that is also used for bathing, cooking, drinking.
Some of the questions in this survey aren't clear. Example. Did fees include rounds of IVF? Why don't you include travel cost as this is a true reality of total cost to the family. What do you define as gestational surrogate vs traditional surrogate? What do you define as successful IVF attpts? Due to my age we did multiple rounds of IVF to get embryos but our first transfer was a success.
Continue to organize events like the latest one in Brussels. We are Belgians ourselves and have heard about the reactions it caused when we were in the US ourselves for the delivery of our baby. We are happy organizations as MHB exist and do give candid and detailed info wrt surrogacy ... for many gay couples, surrogacy is one of the very few options they have to grow their own family and info around the surrogacy process, costs, agencies is vital!
Cannot thank you enough for your support and exposure to this world. We have our baby now because of you.
My blog post with the full story can be found here: